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MIDAS Training

Not only does MTS offer a substantial range of training courses but these are also provided by experienced Approved Driving Instructors. At MTS we pride ourselves on a professional approach to road and passenger safety. The job of minibus driving demands skills higher than normal driving and we will help you master all the different aspects. 

  • We are well aware of the increased dangers and subsequently the increased safety legislations being imposed on any person or company that provides a form of transportation for the public.
  • We aim to offer the best possible training to any individual or company that will be tailored to suit their specific requirements.

We have training for all, whether it be an individual wanting to take their minibus test so they can search for employment within the passenger-carrying sector, or a large organisation that requires MiDAS training for all of their drivers.

What Can We Offer? 

  • MiDAS for all minibus drivers - employed or voluntary. This can be standard or accessible for vehicles carrying disabled people.
  • MiDAS 5 Steps to Safety Training
  • Emergency First Aid at Work
  • MiDAS Car & MPV (Multi Passenger Vehicles) for drivers of the slightly smaller transportation.
  • PATS (Passenger Assistants Training Scheme) for drivers and non driving escorts/carers 


This is a programme developed to enhance the driving and passenger awareness skills of the many thousand of individuals who drive minibuses in the course of their work or as volunteers. Whilst minibuses are a relatively safe form of passenger transport, everyone agrees that the task of minibus driving requires skills over and above those required for driving a car.

Midas is designed to make appropriate training, assessment and accreditation available to minibus drivers from voluntary organisations, local authorities, schools and colleges.

The MiDAS requires part of the day (usually a morning) in the classroom for the theory side of the course. Topics covered in the theory session include:

  • Defensive Driving
  • Legal Responsibilities of Drivers
  • Health and Safety Awareness
  • Accident and Emergency Procedures
  • Personal Safety for Drivers
  • Child Passenger Safety

Everyone is then taken outside to the minibus in the afternoon where they participate in walk-round vehicle checks and a driving assessment each. Every candidate has approximately 45 minutes for their drive, which is why we can only do up to 3 candidates in one day. If a course has more than 3 candidates, the driving assessments are continued the following day. 

Up to 3 Candidates £349.50 1 Day
Up to 6 Candidates £574.25 1.5 Days
Up to 9 Candidates £703.50 2 Days
Up to 12 Candidates £866.00 2.5 Days


All courses include books, handouts and certificates

Accessible MiDAS 

This programme covers the standard Midas training with the additional training for staff members who use wheelchairs within the minibuses or who carry less abled passengers. The Accessible MiDAS involved a classroom-based session which lasts all day and covers these extra topics: 

  • Safety for Passengers in Wheelchairs
  • Using Lifts and Ramps
  • Securing Wheelchairs
  • Disability Awareness

‚ÄčThe following day, the candidates will be out in the minibus participating in their practical assessments which involve the drive as well as use of the wheelchair and lift. As a result, each candidate is given approximately 1 hour for their assessment.  

Up to 3 Candidates £499.50 1.5 Days
Up to 6 Candidates £704.00 2 Days
Up to 9 Candidate £928.50 2.5 Days

All courses include books, handouts and certificates


Emergency First Aid At Work

This course is ideal for smaller businesses with a requirement for comprehensive & certificated first aid training. This offers cost effective first aid training for employers that meets current industry & Health & Safety (HSE) guidelines and only lasts 1 day. 

Designed specifically with smaller low risk companies in mind, such as small offices, the Emergency First Aid at Work Training Course meets the legal obligations of these organizations to provide individuals to render first aid in an emergency. 

Syllabus for this course:

  • Responsibilities of the Emergency First Aider
  • Primary Assessment
  • Secondary Assessment
  • CPR
  • Seizures and Epilepsy
  • Choking
  • Shock and Bleeding
  • Minor Injuries and Minor Burns


MiDAS 5 Steps to Safety

This course involves some classroom based training which provides the skills and information needed when evacuating a vehicle fire.

Then there will be a practical element where a person will be observed participating in several evacuations of a passenger carrying vehicle both with and without the presence of smoke simulation. A person may have to be observed or participate in evacuations involving trainees role-playing passengers with disabilities or other factors that may delay or complicate an evacuation.

The objectives of the MiDAS “5 Steps to Safety” course are;

  • How to recognise common causes of fire
  • How to reduce the risk of vehicle fires starting
  • When and how to use a fire extinguisher
  • How to safely evacuate a vehicle using the 5 steps to safety



This course is tailored specifically to enhance driving standard and provide car drivers with the information they need to deliver safe and comfortable transport for their passengers. It is also intended to assist the operators of smaller vehicles in meeting their health and safety obligations.

The MiDAS Car & MPV training course lasts 1 day and is split into two halves. If the delegates have access to a wheelchair accessible car then we prefer to provide the training using their own vehicle and equipment, as this helps us ensure that the course is specific to the circumstances of the particular vehicle and driver(s) concerned.  

A typical Car & MPV course covers the following:

  • Legal responsibilities
  • Defensive driving
  • Breakdown Procedures & passenger safety
  • The legal obligations of carrying a wheelchair user
  • The types of passenger lift available & and how to safely use them
  • How to securely fix a wheelchair to the vehicle
  • Best practice on wheelchair users getting in & out of the vehicle



Passenger Assistant Training Scheme
PATS is for anyone who has care or supervision of passengers when travelling by road. PATS has been developed out of Midas and is for those people who undertake the role of passenger assistant, escorts, helpers or care assistants and is relevant for minicabs, minibuses and large buses. This can also apply to drivers who may have to provide assistance.

This is a modular training programme which is delivered in separate sections and can be again tailored to individual requirements.

  • Module A: The role of the passenger assistant
  • Module B1: Passenger awareness and assistance
  • Module B2: Assisting passengers who travel in wheelchairs
  • Module C1: Supervising children and young people with special needs
  • Module C2: Working with adults who need care and supervision

Not all modules are required, depending on individual needs.

PATS Course Prices 

PAT Course (Modules A, B1 & C1 or C2)  
1 Day 4 Modules Up to 5 candidates £349.50
All courses include books, handouts and certificates

*All prices exclude our instructor's travel and overnight expenses (if applicable) so please contact us for an accurate quote


"The training was very good and presented very well and will help in my job. The trainer Chris was amazing, many thanks"

"Huge thank you to you and especially Mick who was amazing can you please pass on my thanks to him for being a great teacher"

"Excellent - very informative, detailed and relevant with the driving practise. Instructor Chris - very patient and comprehensive. Thank you"

"fantastic instructor, calm and reassuring, made course more fun for learning."

"Very helpful course, very thorough and enjoyable. Appreciated the patience and support given."

"Well organised and presented, clear and patient instructions"

"Training was great, learnt loads. Made me more aware of my driving and how I could improve."

"I looked around for MIDAS Training for staff to be safe to drive our new minibus and also to accompany residents on outings. I luckily found this wonderful company on the internet and Chris was the only person to bother ringing me back. He arrived and put my staff at ease and he was an excellent teacher with years of experience and helped everyone ease their fears of doing a small driving test. Everyone passed and I would recommend this company. We are opening 4 more homes this year and we shall be using Chris - Thank you from a very satisfied customer"

"This was a well prepared, thought out and productive learning session which was both fun and educational for my role in the care home."

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